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Zeus Technologies™ Provides Ebusiness Coaching Services In Belfast, Dublin, The United Kingdom, Republic Of Ireland And Internationally.


There are actually only a few ways in which you can become a millionaire quickly e.g. the stock market, property investment, professional gambling etc. but most of these methods require a substantial amount of starting capital and an even greater amount of risk.


The only risk free way to become a millionaire is to set up a business. The traditional business model requires a lifetime of hard graft and it could take ten or twenty years or more before you could enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Setting up and running a successful online business is truly the only way to become a millionaire in a relatively short duration of time and with minimal risk to capital.

Most Web Designers do not have the time or the knowledge to instruct a client about the inner secret workings of the internet and how to achieve real and lasting success with an online business.


Zeus Technologies™ offers one to one ebusiness coaching so that you can learn from our 20 years experience of setting up and running a successful online business.

There are no shortcuts in this process but we do have the knowledge and experience to be able to show you exactly what is required to bring your dream of internet entrepreneurship into reality.

A coaching session will cover several areas including the following:


Brainstorming ideas.

Creating and refining a feasible business plan.

Naming your business.

Logo design and branding.

The best website design and hosting solutions for your business. 

Webdesign guidance.

Getting listed at Google And Bing.

Building free or paid traffic to your website.

Search engine optimisation.

Social media promotion of your business. 

Setting up a Facebook business page.

Setting up a Twitter business page.

Setting up a Youtube business page.

Setting up an Instagram business page.

Blogging and Vlogging.

Keeping records.


We charge £100 for a one hour consultation.​

Please contact us to book a coaching session.

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