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Could The Pay Per Click PPC service from Zeus Technologies™ be the best alternative to Google Adwords ? We certainly think so, but please read on and make up your own mind. 


Google Adwords is the internet's main provider of paid advertising but as most website owners / webmasters will already know, setting up an advertising campaign with Google Adwords is not only extremely costly but also extremely time consuming. Because so much money is at stake a lot of Google Adwords clients employ third party Google Adwords management and consultancy specialists to set up, test, optimise, run and evaluate their campaigns. The set up, testing, optimisation and evaluation phases are never ending and actually quite soul destroying.


Even if the time and resources are available to set up, test, optimise, run and evaluate advertising campaigns at Google Adwords It is claimed by many that Pay Per Click via Google Adwords is simply not cost effective. 


So, how much will a Google AdWords PPC campaign cost?


The average cost for AdWords PPC varies, depending on the competition, industry and keywords involved. The average click could be as low as £1 or as high as £100 every time someone clicks on your advertisement. 


You will no doubt be astounded to learn that the average cost per click at Google AdWords is around £2 per click and with the Google Adwords official median conversion rate running at a little over 2% it works out to approximately £50 per conversion !


Of course these are just the median values and a degree of variance will certainly exist across different industries and individual advertisers, but the logical conclusion is clear, paying £50 for every potential new customer is definitely not a good return on investment !


Zeus Technologies™ Pay Per Click PPC services are the best alternative to Google Adwords because not only can we supply you with potential new customers from just £0.01 per customer but we can also make your life easier by carrying out all of the work for you from start to finish.


Comparison of the Pay Per Click PPC service from Zeus Technologies™ to the Pay Per Click PPC service from Google Adwords.


1. Saves money. Our minimum Pay Per Click PPC price of £0.01 is substantially less than Google Adwords' minimum PPC click price.

2. Saves time. It takes about a minute of your time to sign up for our service. It could take several hours days or even weeks to set up and fine tune an ad campaign at Google Adwords.

3. Personalised service. We carry out all of the work in setting up your ad online for you. At Google Adwords you will probably need to employ a specialist to set up your ads.

4. Transparent and fair fees. You can make a single one off payment for our services and you will only ever be charged for results i.e. when someone clicks on your ad. At Google Adwords you will be required to pay monthly.

5. Great value for money. You will never be charged for the additional help guidance and advice that we provide to our clients absolutely free of charge.

6. Excellent Return On Investment ROI. Because we charge a lot less, you will have a much better Return On Investment ROI than Google Adwords.

7. The Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) Philosophy. Unlike Google Adwords we prioritise simplicity and convenience to make life easier. 

8. No limits. Because we do not use individual keywords for targeting we can deliver vastly higher volumes of traffic than Google Adwords.

9. Faster delivery. We can deliver up to one million visitors per day. This would be simply impossible to achieve at Google Adwords.

10. Guaranteed. We provide a guarantee which covers  four elements; performance, quality, price and satisfaction. Google Adwords do not.


Zeus Technologies™ has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your business succeeds. Our services are an essential part of your success strategy.


Whether you are a small independent enterprise or a large multinational company, you will benefit tremendously from our advertising, marketing and promotional strategies.

Our services may be ordered directly via the site but if you would like for us to take a more personal approach and create a customised promotional campaign for your business please contact us and we will be delighted to help.

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